About Us

AA CREWAA Air Conditioning was initially established in 1992 as one of the first air conditioning and radiator repair shops in South Florida. Over the last 20+ years, we have been individually owned and operated by the same owners, managers, and technicians. Whenever you arrive at our establishment, you will always see a familiar face, as most of our staff has not changed in many years.

Initially, we devoted ourselves to only repairing air conditioning and cooling system problems, but over the years, many of our satisfied customers had requested that we perform other services on their vehicles, as they were so content with the work that we had already performed.

Today, our company boasts expertise in all facets of automotive repair. From complete engine replacement, transmissions, tune ups and performance, to front end work, brakes, timing belts and cv joints. We employ the latest diagnostic equipment and scanning tools to keep up with the ever changing technology employed in today’s newest vehicles.

Here at AA, we also manufacture and export a/c compressors to all areas of the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands, and most of Latin America. We carry both new and re-manufactured compressors and other air conditioning parts to satisfy the needs of the local garages and repair shops.

Our goal at AA is to keep your vehicle on the road, and provide you with the best possible service at a very reasonable and competitive price. Many auto repair shops whose managers and mechanics get paid commission, look to maximize the repair bill on each and every repair order that they write. At AA, all employees receive a fixed salary every week, therefore there is no pressure to sell. This results in a more relaxed atmosphere for the customer and the staff, and your vehicle gets only what it needs, resulting in lower costs to you, the consumer.